Tank loading couplings

Road Tank Trucks, Railcars and Ships are all fitted with one or several Tank Loading Couplings in order to connect with Loading Arms of any LACT unit and Loading Station (on jetties, depots, etc.).

FCE is the European Leader of Rail Tank Couplings (or Railcar Couplings), generally used for LNG and Petroleum products transfers but also with some chemicals like Ammonia.

The FCE’s Tank Loading Couplings (flange x thread adapters and Wing Unions or hammer unions) are the most used connections. Several designs of rail and truck couplings are available.

In addition to its own production, FCE distributes several types of Tank Loading Couplings such as Dry Disconnect Couplings, API Couplings for Road Tankers but also Breakaway Couplings for Emergency Disconnect.