Filtration Equipment


Filtration equipment are designed to remove solid particles. Different configurations and rating are available depending on the application and process conditions.

The Dual Pot Sand Filter is designed to remove solid particles from well effluent. Located after the flowhead, it protects downstream equipment against erosion. The 2-SF (2 – Stage Filtration) dual pot sand filter offers many advantages when compared to conventional models:

The first stage filtration is achieved by centrifugal separation whilst the second stage filtration employs an advanced removable screen to perform a mechanical cut-out. The vessels are fitted with a removable wear sleeve and the necessary nozzles for flushing with water. As the fluid fows from outside to inside the screen, the flow area is not obstructed by the sand accumulation, providing a longer operating time compared to competitors.


  • Dual pot layout in 10′ skid footprint.
  • 3 1/16″ 9-Valve process manifold including by-pass.
  • 2 1/16″ Drain manifold with 1″ orifice adjustable choke.
  • 2″ 10K Flushing system with 1 13/16″ ball valves for reverse flow cleaning.
  • Removable wear sleeve to protect the body against erosion.
  • Removable screen in different cutout sizes.
  • DP gauge 0-1500 psi (electronic transmitter as an option).
  • Pressure gauge on inlet, outlet and each pot.
  • Tool box.

Process & Design Data

  • Suitable for H2S service per NACE MR01-75 standards.
  • API6A and API14E for erosion limiting velocities.
  • DNV 2.7.1 certified skid.
  • CE Marking and PED compliance in option.
  • Multiphase flow applications.
  • 5000 bbl/d liquid flowrate x 35 MMscf/d gas flowrate.
  • 10000 psi Pressure Rating.
  • 200-micron standard cutout (50 to 800-micron available)

Main Advantages compared to a conventional unit

  • Longer flowing time between pot switchover operations.
  • Quicker screen changeout operation.
  • Higher admissible differential pressure.
  • Less frequent screen plugging with swirling flow.
  • Less frequent or no screen removal with reverse flushing.
  • Transportation in its operating position (safer handling).
  • Erosion protection of the body near the pot inlet.
  • Ergonomic layout with process valves on same side.
  • Easier access around the skid that improves safety.
  • More compact rig-up and easier installation onto a trailer.


FCE also provides Plug Catchers Also called Debris catcher or Trash Catcher for following applications:

  • Well Clean-up flowback (post frac operation).
  • Drilling / pumping flowback operations.


Various Inline Sand Filter configurations and pressure ratings are available depending on the application and process conditions.