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Inspection & recertification

We offer different services in terms of inspection & recertification depending on the type of products & your location.

Our main recertification center is based in Algeria .

Excellence, Expertise and Reliabilty are guaranteed by Fluid Control Algeria while performing inspection and recertification of pressure components in Algeria and neighbouring countries.


« A la carte » inspection is offered in compliance with international standards, client specifications and particular requirement from the country authorities.


A specific inspection sheet is available for each individual item and according to its particular function and service conditions.


Type of products:

  • flowline components (piping, swivels, valves)
  • flexible hoses
  • pumping heads, BOPs, lubricators, etc.
  • pressure safety valves
  • pressure vessels

Additional service such as asset management, sand blasting & painting or serialization are also offered.

We also propose inspection & recertificate in our base in La Talaudière for products like interconnecting components, piping & railcar coupling

Inspection & Recertification 1 Inspection & Recertification 2

Certified by the Algerian Ministry of Mines & Energy.

Inspection & Recertification 3 Inspection & Recertification 4